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    One-Of-A-Kind Coaching Strategy


    I’ve created a tested and proven program that’s designed to increase your productivity, deepen your relationships, generate more spontaneous fun, and boost your overall fulfillment and happiness. Using my “Life by Design” strategy, I’m able to help you get more of whatever you want, whenever you want with only a few short phone sessions each month.

    Key Benefits of Coaching

    Realize your true life purpose

    Uncover what you really want most in life and how to develop a plan to get it.

    Become a more effective leader

    Break down communication barriers, learn to persuade, and enhance team productivity.

    Experience emotional balance

    Learn how to embrace and manage your emotions. Become grounded. 

    Deepen Relationships

    Find out what’s inhibiting true connection, and learn to attract healthy relationships.

    Achieve Goals Faster

    Increase your productivity with increased self-awareness that improves planning strategies.

    Overcome Your past

    Move beyond negative memories and habits with a tested mindset shift and coping strategies.

    She challenged me to make sure that I’m keeping the bigger picture in mind, asking the right questions, and always keeping my energy at a level that helps not only myself but those around me. I definitely recommend connecting with Nicoa if you’re looking for a coach to help you see things in a different light as you navigate both professional and personal relationships and situations.” – John S.

    “Before Nicoa began speaking, I could sense the positive vibes. Energy is contagious they say and the burst of positive energy that Nicoa ensures every one of us get accustomed to is what is really needed in today’s world. The one-on-one sessions I had with Nicoa have made a huge impact on my life and have helped me rediscover myself. ” – Meera S.

    Just by being around her, it is obvious that she embodies the concepts she teaches. As a coach, she listened and provided guidance at just the right moments. She taught me various techniques to help me get to the place I want to be. My time with her has been invaluable and I highly recommend her if you are wanting to make a transformation in your life.” – Brittany S.

    access to books & guides

    Coaching with me always includes learning materials such as the Energy Leadership book and assessment, my “Envision” guide, and more!

    "Life by Design" Intro Course

    No matter which coaching program you choose, you’ll gain forever access to my “Life by Design” introductory course that includes 7 video and text lessons. Learn things like:


    • How to live a life by design
    • How to develop a positive mindset
    • How to overcome your past
    • How to handle toxic relationships
    • How to set long-term goals