Nicoa Dunne in The Press

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JenOni | It's a Lifestyle

Nicoa’s tag line is…”every action, every reaction, every interaction.” Learn to better approach and respond to situations within your career.  

Social Ninjas Podcast

Nicoa Dunne talks about social anxiety, mindfulness, and how to envision the person you really want to be.

spirituality | nicoa dunne

The Uplifting Podcast

Nicoa Dunne talks about living a life by design through staying grounded and connected to your spirituality.

the quietest moments | nicoa dunne

The Quietest Moments

Nicoa Dunne talks about awareness and spirituality. Paying attention to the world around you is part of loving life.

One Idea Away

Her passion for executive coaching is infectious. Her partnering style is collaborative and includes a somatic, consciousness-based approach driven by an ontological, or “a way of being” methodology.

Braless by Eight Podcast

Nicoa comes (wine in hand) to talk about the stigma around being single.  She shares ways for us to cut the bullshit in order to design the best life possible and the most important message of all – “YOU are enough no matter who is standing by your side or sleeping in your bed”.

eSpeakers Marketplace

Her global responsibilities have taken her to 20 countries where she’s seen everything from mafia hits to airplane pilots on payroll (with no planes) to sex change decisions requiring new benefit’s coverage to acquired swans in the workplace.

The Secret TV

I was raised in a family with meager means, but with an attitude of optimism and self sufficiency. There were a few phrases commonly used in our family of five: “Be careful what you wish for.