25 Days of a Life by Design

by | Dec 16, 2020

nicoa dunne
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Reading Time: 4 minutes


Day 1

Take 6—not 3, but 6—slow, deep breaths. What changed in your body? In your situation? Your thoughts? Take time to notice and simply Be in this moment. Be. Here. Now. (Repeat.)

Day 2

Walk 50% slower today. Yep, you can do it. Feel the difference? Slow down. A former colleague told me once, “Slow down! You’re walking like a manager!” The slower you go, the better leader you are. Trust me. Leadership is different than management.

Day 3

Notice your thoughts—observe your thoughts! This is called consciousness, right? Be so aware that it makes you smile. Be so aware that you are awestruck!

Day 4

Notice yourself noticing your thoughts. This will really make you smile!

Day 5

Look people fully in the eyes today when talking with them. Notice the difference in the interaction! Okay, don’t be too weird about it, but consciously connect—this is the point.

Day 6

Smile. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Smile at everyone today! I know you just started smiling just then! Be happy today.

Day 7

Hug someone—a loved one, pet, friend, anyone! Maybe ask for their permission first if you don’t know them!

Day 8

Write down 3 things you’re grateful for about your current lifestyle. Anything at all! From your socks to your silverware to your soulmate. What are some of your favorite things?

Day 9

Write down 3 things you’d love to experience more of in your current lifestyle. More rest? More travel? More love? More ___? What are you willing to do about that?

Day 10

Buy a postcard or jot down a message on a piece of paper. Mail it to yourself today! Now, don’t be boring here—this is creativity time! Be nice to yourself!

Day 11

Call an old friend and thank them for a fond memory you have of them. Maybe an experience you shared? They are going to love you for this!

Day 12

Call a family member and tell them how they make your life and lifestyle better! This will get you lots of loving kudos, and your heart will feel good afterward, too.

Day 13

Take a long shower or bath and use all of your favorite “feel good” products. I don’t care if it is soap on a rope, y’all—just do it and take your time! Savor the self care. 

Day 14

Stand still outside, preferably near some trees, grass, gardens, etc. You get the picture. Look around for 5 minutes noticing every detail. You can do it! The fresh air won’t kill you, I promise. Oh, and don’t forget to breathe!

Day 15

Open your closet and remove 8 items you haven’t worn in a year. Donate them. And leave the hangers empty for as long as you are able. 

Day 16

Look in your pantry and pull out any canned goods or boxed foods you have had for more than 3 months. Donate them. Again, more space. Share abundance. It’s all just energy. You have to give to create space in your life. It matters.

Day 17

Before you go in the house today, walk around the block. Wave to your neighbors. If you have a phone with a step counter, check it out when you get back home. How many steps do you take daily?

Day 18

Go get a large glass and fill it with water and drink it. Be grateful as you swallow each mouthful. What a privilege it is to have this water. Fill the glass up throughout the day. Keep count and see how many glasses you can drink in a day. 

Day 19

Look in the mirror and tell yourself out loud the 3 or more things you love about your body. Go ahead! Here’s one: I love my belly! You can do it.

Day 20

Before bed tonight, sit quietly and reflect upon the activities of your day. Here’s the trick. Do it just like a newsreel without judgement. Just see it. Observe from a distance. If you slip up and judge, just come back to the image and continue. It’s okay.

Day 21

Go online and search costs for that trip you’ve always dreamed about! Airline, train, hotel, whatever. Dream about it. See it happening. Believe it!

Day 22

Wear the outfit that you are the most comfortable in today! If not to work, then at home. Notice what makes it comfortable to you. What if all your clothes were comfy at work and at home? How could you adjust to create such a change?

Day 23

Say yes today as often as possible. Notice how that feels. Notice what you make it mean when you say yes. Who do you usually say yes to? How about to yourself?

Day 24

Ask for help from someone today. Even if you could do it yourself, just try asking for help. Being open to receiving is a key element of a Life by Design.

Day 25

Celebrate you today. Go with the flow and celebrate all that makes you you on this day of celebration! You did it!

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