Conscious Coupling: Then Comes the Jeep Guy

by | Dec 31, 2019

nicoa dunne
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A year ago I was single and finally coming up for a breath after going through a divorce just two years prior. This same month, however, I became so dreamy-eyed and ecstatic because I was also beginning a brand new relationshipone I had dreamed about, visualized and anticipated since forever! As someone who firmly believes that we attract our like energies, and have the power to design the lives we want, I anticipated it. Even still, I’m sitting back feeling amazed that I’m deeply in love and fully committed to the man of my dreams!

Having only really dated a couple of people during the time after my divorce and for very short stints, I had actually stopped seeking a relationship. No online dating. No blind dates. I quit the hunt and began focusing on personal goals, career, and kids. Instead of hunting, I wanted my positive energy to attract the relationship I desired with its own power. I created a list of standards for the man who would make the best partner for me, which included his values, goals, and compatibility. With diagrams, tables, and graphs, I never knew I could be so detailed (ok, slight exaggeration here)! I felt proud of my list!

At night, I’d fall asleep trying to envision this perfect someone, and silently asked the universe when he’d arrive into my sphere. I had confidence in my energy and its power to attract the things I most desired. I’d wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and say, “I wonder if today is the day I meet my man!” I’d set off living my full life in anticipation of that meeting, of that encounter, of that relationship.

I had no idea that I had already met my man. It was the jeep guy from the gym. You see, I had a regular gym routine, so I always noticed if there were any new members floating around during my workout sessions. We had spoken a few times in passing, and we’d even worked out next to each other a few times. Like me, he had three kids and loved traveling the globe. He had been through a divorce, also like me. He drove a jeep.

“There’s a new guy at the gym who drives a jeep,” I’d nonchalantly mention to my kids.

“The jeep guy and I chatted a bit today,” I’d say another day. 

“The jeep guy and I seem to have a few things in common,” I’d mention over breakfast.

Finally, my daughters brought it to my attention. “Mom, you keep talking about this ‘jeep guy’ from the gym!” I hadn’t realized it until right then, but for some reason, the “jeep guy” seemed to linger in my subconscious. To be honest, I had earmarked my 50s for being the decade I’d get remarried, as crazy as that might sound. My friend would mention how she remarried during her 50s, and I’d say that I planned on doing the same.

“Oh, really?” she said, “I had no idea you were dating anyone.”

She shifted backward and forward as people went in and out of the gym entrance. Standing in front of the gym doors was probably not a smart place for a conversation, but it’s where the universe needed me to be at that moment. 

“Oh, I’m not,” I said, “I’m just confident the universe is sending me my man!” 

Suddenly, the “jeep guy” rushed passed us looking a bit out of breath and with a gym bag dangling from his shoulder. He went for the doors.

“Hey there,” he said, “I’m running late to my workout!”

“Hey,” I said, “we wondered where you were!”

He smiled kindly with a mouth surrounded by a burly brown beard as he hustled inside the gym. I turned to my friend, feeling slightly winded.

“I kind of think that guy is nice and cute,” I said, smiling.

The timing of his approach and our conversation was not lost on us at that moment by any means. My friend and I laughed about it and then went about our days. I still felt confident enough knowing that things could happen on their own without my needing to orchestrate it as I had tried to do in the past. 

Nicoa Dunne

Only a week later, my trainer gave me his name and mentioned that “jeep guy” had, in fact, asked about me. She wanted to give him my number and set us up to meet. We went on our first date three days later, and now we’ve been together for an entire, fantastic year! The “jeep guy” became John, my true partner. There is something truly magical about finding someone with so much in common. 

We’re excited to move in together, blending our beautiful families, and designing the next 50 years of our lives. As I sit back and reflect on everything that has happened this year, I’m astonished at the power of energy attraction. Consciously deciding what kind of person would make an ideal partner for me played such an important role in how John naturally shifted into my sphere. It’s so amazing what a difference a year can make!

If you can visualize it, you can create it. Wrapping up 2019 with the most powerful love for myself and all those I have attracted into my life this year, it’s a testament to living a life by design.

As we catapult into a new year and a new decade, I wish you happy life designing!