My Shopping Cart Made Me Look Single!

by | Jun 26, 2020

nicoa dunne
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Being single is brutal these days…

When I was still with my ex-husband, I specifically remember a time at the grocery store where I felt this overwhelming shame about what I had in my shopping cart…

See, I wasn’t much for cooking (the hubby did all that for me), so I’m walking through the aisles pushing a cart full of cheese, wine, and single-serve microwavable dishes one weekend when he and the kids were traveling. Everything a single person would purchase to stock their fridge was in my cart. 

Even though I was still with my ex-husband, I remember feeling embarrassed to face the checkout counter with a cart that made me look single.

As I’ve had time to reflect on this years later, now actually single, I’m amazed at the negative stigma that surrounds singlehood for adults. That stigma seems to seep into every facet of life, even down to what you put in your cart at the grocery store. Weird, right?

I recently sat down with the “Braless by Eight” podcast to talk about singleness. List to the full episode below!