The Blonde Bombshell Podcast with Nicoa Dunne

by | Oct 26, 2020

nicoa dunne
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Are you living your most authentic life without feeling guilty about it? We’ve all been brainwashed or “trained” into thinking we should hold back parts of who we are or what we want in life. For some reason, people confuse humility with a semblance of insecurity. For example, if someone compliments what you’re wearing, we should say, “Oh…this ratty old thing?” But I’m saying STOP DOING THAT!! Instead, be proud of who you are, how you look, and of what you want in life! If someone compliments you, think about how you can reaffirm yourself. “Thank you so much! I think my shoes are awesome, too!”

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Stacey Zlotnick and Megan Fenyoe on the Blonde Bombshell podcast to discuss how we can better live more fulfilled lives, completely and totally unapologetically. During this candid interview, we all chatted about our vulnerabilities and experiences as we’ve continued to learn how to thrive in our lives by design! You can listen to the entire podcast below!